August 29, 2006

Kakegawa City, Japan

Kakegawa (かけがわ、掛川) has a population of 114,751 and the density of 432.00 persons per Km2.

August 28, 2006

what a weekend!!!!

well the weekend started off with a hiss and bang.
friday night, the kakegawa jets found out that 2 hours of all you can drink and sing wasn't enough so we went for 3 hours instead. after that we made our way to the Downunder Cafe/bar for a few more drinks before making our way home. good night all round.
saturday was even better than friday but for different reasons. the new zealand all blacks were playing south africa in the rugby. so i was very excited but also a little nervous about this game. in the end i don't know why because the all blacks played a very cool, calm and very well organized game that the africans couldn't match. in the end we ran away with it 45-26. well done the ABs
sunday....... oh sunday. today i had cricket in shizuoka. most of our team thought we would roll over the nagoya team but that wasn't to be. today lady luck wasn't with any of us, as we dropped catches, missed run outs and just looked average in the field and the batting wasn't any good either.
in the end, nagoya kicked our arse. but trust me when i stay that this was a one off and i know that even though we will be playing a very good team next game, they better watch out cos i and i know most others will be going out there all fired up. gggrrr.

so now i feel like shit. sore muscles and dented pride and not even reading the comments about the all blacks win cant pick me up.

another day to another week.


August 22, 2006

Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan (where i live)

yes, i am in japan. i am not to far away from tokyo city. about 1.5 hours by bullet train or 2.5 hours by car to the west.
shizuoka prefecture is located in the approximate center of japan, facing the pacific to the south.

population of 3,782,760

shizuoka prefecture is famous for many things such as; green tea, unagi (eel) mt fuji (3776m), water and rock melon, oranges, and some major world companys like; suzuki, yamaha and pioneer.

浜松日没 Sunset over Hamamatsu city and central Japan

The Shinkansen (Hamamatsu Station)

just another day.......... -_-

well today is another day at the office. nothing really to do today

but will sit here and pretend to be doing something.

this is a photo from my side of the desk looking at the other ALT that is sometimes at my office. her name is michelle and she is a 1st year JET from america.

August 21, 2006

another warm day today.

i love it too when i see this in newspapers ..........'Hard-nosed Aussie flanker Phil Waugh has labeled the All Blacks whingers and believes the Wallabies can beat them. ' that is what they said before all 3 games against the ABs and they lost all 3 and really it was only the scoreline that was close.

Today i am off to hamamatsu city to renew my working visa and then back home to rest for the rest of the day.



August 19, 2006

great stuff ABs

'ABs Stay Cool To Take Title, The brooms came out as the All Blacks completed their season sweep of the Wallabies with a stunning 34-27 Tri Nations-clinching victory on Auckland's Eden Park that had it all '

it was great to watch the game with an ozzie friend of mine and she went home soon after the game.
it was very hot today but lucky my apartment has an air con.
tonight, ayako and i are off to shizuoka city for a friends birthday party.

August 17, 2006

i love it when coaches say things like this......

Aussie Props 'Not Scarred' By AB Mauling, Wallabies coach John Connolly saying his young front row have no scars from their recent maulings by the All Blacks.

it is the last game between the All Blacks and Oz. it is 2-0 at the moment and it looks like the ABs have the wood over the wallabies. so look for a good game with the ABs taking the game 36-12.

This week has been so busy at the office and i have had no time
to do anything but work. well i guess that is why i am here.

and as Richie McCaw said this week....
"Let's Sweep 'Em" (3-0)

August 14, 2006

morning shot

the creamy taste of caffe latte is what keeps me going all morning, every morning. ¥176. well it is the start of another great day here in japan. the weather is hot and there is a blue sky out.

August 13, 2006

new suits

today, ayako and i went to hamamatsu city to buy me a new suit. this time i decided to buy a tailor made suit for me. yesterday ayako and i also went to the beach. the weather here has been very hot, so we thought what a great day to go.

August 09, 2006

It came and now its gone

the typhoon came last night and just like that it has gone. there was rain, wind, thunder and many other things and now today it is back to normal...... hot at around 33 degrees with dull grey haze.
anyway..... i meet the teachers from a local primary school today, that i will be doing some classes at. they all were very nice to me. the funny thing about this school is i will be teaching english there but i wont be teaching in english, nor about the english language. it is all done in japanese and about global awareness, but it should be fun.

August 08, 2006

Will it come?

yes today we are expecting our first typhoon to hit the main land of japan. at the moment it is just raining without much wind but that could change anytime now. will check the news and see what they say and as you can see there are two more at the bottom which may later head for japan. later

August 07, 2006

Its a hot one today!!!

hey there all. well it is a hot one. it is about 32 degrees outside and just moving makes me sweat. i am now in the office so the air con is on at a nice 25 degrees. nice one boys.