August 28, 2006

what a weekend!!!!

well the weekend started off with a hiss and bang.
friday night, the kakegawa jets found out that 2 hours of all you can drink and sing wasn't enough so we went for 3 hours instead. after that we made our way to the Downunder Cafe/bar for a few more drinks before making our way home. good night all round.
saturday was even better than friday but for different reasons. the new zealand all blacks were playing south africa in the rugby. so i was very excited but also a little nervous about this game. in the end i don't know why because the all blacks played a very cool, calm and very well organized game that the africans couldn't match. in the end we ran away with it 45-26. well done the ABs
sunday....... oh sunday. today i had cricket in shizuoka. most of our team thought we would roll over the nagoya team but that wasn't to be. today lady luck wasn't with any of us, as we dropped catches, missed run outs and just looked average in the field and the batting wasn't any good either.
in the end, nagoya kicked our arse. but trust me when i stay that this was a one off and i know that even though we will be playing a very good team next game, they better watch out cos i and i know most others will be going out there all fired up. gggrrr.

so now i feel like shit. sore muscles and dented pride and not even reading the comments about the all blacks win cant pick me up.

another day to another week.


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