April 18, 2013

アンパンマンミュージアム - Seeing Anpanman at the Anpanman Museum


When to the Anpanman Museum a couple of weeks ago with the kids. Didn't get to meet Anpanman himself but this was the closest we came to it.

My Life. Life in Japan.


April 10, 2013

Cherry Blossom Viewing Parting - 花見


Cherry Blossom Viewing Parting - 花見

Life in Japan

Amazing (Touch screen) Drinks Vending Machine - Japan


Amazing Drinks Vending Machine - Japan
So if you have been to Tokyo (Japan) recently then you would have noticed these automatic touch panel drinking machines. They are so cool. They have a camera to tell whether the person using it is a male or a female,talk or short and will recommend drinks for that person. You don't need coins or notes if you have a cell phone as it will take both.
Anyway have a look for yourself and see how cool it is.


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Time Lapse - タイムラプス - Front Garden Renovations


So I decided to try out the Time Lapse function on my JVC GZ270. This is my first time to do a Time Lapse so I think it worked ok. Once I learn where to put the camera and what music to use then I hope the final product will look much better.

My Life. Life in Japan

Baking with Reka - Today's menu is a Chocolate Cake


Baking with Reka - Today's menu is a Chocolate Cake

We hope to bring more Baking with Reka soon so keep and eye out.

My Life. Life in Japan

Blossoms in Japan - 花桃


Yes it is that time of year when Japan comes alive with varies different of blossoms like Cherry (sakura), Plum (ume) and many many different types more. The one in this video is called Hana Momo (peach flower?)


Life in Japan

Picking Strawberries - Japan


So we have our own little patch of strawberries at our local greenhouse. We pay 10,000yen ($100us) a year for this section and the people there grow strawberries and tomatoes for us all year around. We can go there and pick them ourselves at any time.

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