July 28, 2013

Too small or too big?

Always happens. Maybe I should bring my own from now on :)

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Lamb and something for dinner

Went out for dinner with the family the otHer night and this was what came out. Interesting?! Still not sure what it was! ;)
It has been almost a year since I had lamb in any shape or form so it was nice to have it for dinner even though it was a little tough.

Last Off??

Interesting poster I found at a shopping mall in Tokyo. 

July 27, 2013

Bicycle Parking in Japan


Bicycle Parking in Japan
Japan has been trying to fade out parking the bicycle in front of the station for free so here we see a bicycle park so that people can park their bikes. It requires a fee but better than getting a ticket from the police or even worst having your bike stolen.

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