September 11, 2006

Cricket - Kytes v Giants

well what a game it was!

yesterday we played a must win game against one of the strongest teams in japan, the giants and lost.
once again we were left with a good team but not our strongest which is what we needed for this game.
we battered first and got a reasonable score but could have got a few more runs if the tail didnt go out so cheaply.
the fielding was great thoughout the game and only fell off once we new the game was gone.
the bowling was good for most of the innings but we were one bowler short or a bowler that could bounce the ball which i think is what could have won us the game and put us into the semi finals.
everyone put in 100% thoughout the day and everyone helped to clean up even though we lost.

we have one more game to go in the kcl league and maybe one more chance for a semi final.

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