September 28, 2006

had a bad day on the golf course!!!!

well today the father-in-law took me to golf to be in his company's golf tournament. i was excited to go but wasnt to excited to play as i knew that i hadnt played in a long time. i was hoping to score under 100 but ended up at 111 and i have lots of excuses why i score that and not under 100.

here is a photo of the club house surround by trees.

this is the golf cart that my group was going to use.

a nice shot of the first hole. i was supprised by how wide this course was. most courses i have been to in japan are very narrow and have OBs on both sides on each hole.

this is a shot of the first par 3 of the course. i hit my shot to just in front on the green to the right. V

this is the par 4 no. 17 hole. this was a great hole for me. nice shot up the middle with my 3 iron and then a well timed 7 iron onto the green and then a 2 putt for par. had all the marks of a good golfer. just a petty the rest wasnt so great.

finally i did win something. i won the doracon (ドラコン) or the driving competition for one of the par 5 holes. it was a nice 1 wood off the tee but by no means my longest of the day.


Jamie said...

Hey Ashley,

Great to hear you are OK. I am living in Arizona, USA. Funny how things end up.

Jamie Dunjey

Unknown said...

hey there jamie mate. good to hear you are well. are you playing cricket over there? do you like living in the US?

Annie said...

Hey there Mr Harvey - long time no seen. I remember a conversation about 10 years back about how good you were at golf??? hum?? So ya ended up in Japan - who would have guessed eh!! Great photos - you certainly look a tad more grown up with a "real" gotte now!! he he (argh the bad old days - least we forget - sometimes I wish I could - but hey, made us who we are today so...
Anyway - Good to hear you have fallen on ya feet and are enjoying life.
Anne (very ex Hoyts 8) -
ps what happened to Rachael?