November 01, 2006

What a week of sport to come?!

hi there everyone. sorry its been a couple of weeks since my last post. i would like to say it was because i was busy but sadly no. it was because i am lazy.
so you must ask yourself why is he posting now then, will that is easy.

firstly tonight - New Zealand vs Australia in a semi final game in the ICC champions Trophy.
wow what a game this is going to be. even though NZ hasn't beaten the Australian cricketing machine in a while, i still think we have a chance. why? because we are playing good cricket at the moment and have just beaten both South Africa and Pakistain in previous game in the ICC trophy, and on top of that we have won this tournament before and Australia hasn't. anyway it should be a great game.

secondly this sunday night - the All Blacks vs England in rugby.
Eng has only beaten NZ 7 or 8 times out of 30 or so games in rugby history. NZ is 1st in the world now, Eng is the current world cup holders (which was 3 years ago and since then they have gone one way, down. they are now 6th in the world)
but even though the ABs are No 1 and have only lost like 5 games since the last world cup and England have so many injuries to their top players and that their record since the last world cup is like crap (i think they have only won like 5-10 games out of like 30 games) they still think they can win. this is something that i really hate about the English and i am sure this is why they are one of the greatest nations in the world but that doesn't mean they have the right or the arrogance (maybe some ignorance too) to think that they can beat us.
the only thing stopping us from putting on 50 points (yes 50 points) would be the lack of game play our top players have had over the last several weeks and one of those northern referees trying to control the game like he knows what he is doing. aka NZ v Eng last year.
Go New Zealand/ All Blacks

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