February 13, 2007

The Family Trip to Tokyo

Well we started off around 6pm on Sunday night. Everything was going very smoothly until we hit Kanagawa Prefecture ( the prefecture in between Shizuoka and Tokyo) We smashed in to the biggest traffic jam i have even been in. 25 kms long. it took ages to get to Tokyo.
Well we arrived there around 11pm and checked into the hotel and then we and picked up Keiko and Tetsuro to go out for dinner. We had curry for dinner and at the same restaurant that Ayako and I would eat at when we came to Tokyo a few years back. Monday we all got a early and drove to Ueno to go to the museum that is showing the Te Papa Maori exhibition. It was good to see ..... to be continued

here are some photo that i have uploaded so far ----------> HERE

東京首都ドライブ - Driving through Tokyo

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