February 26, 2007

Shizuoka Kytes first practice of the year.

Well it was a coldish but sunny day in Shizuoka city. All the boys that said they would be there at 11am to help with some work on the ground were nowhere to be seen, but this is very typical of kytes players.
Anyway, when everyone finally turned up we were able to have a nice relaxing practice. Of course everyone was rusty from a long winter break but that was to be expected.
After the practice we moved to the warmer kytes club house and got down to business, well after the beers had came. After a lot of talking, alot of yes, no's, and that sounds good but.... we finally finished and were on our way homes.
It was a good day and lets just hope that our season goes the same.

photos to come.......

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Anonymous said...

Finally grasped the way to leave a comment!
Thanks for all the good work yesterday!
I shall send an e-mail to direct you onto my blogs!