July 08, 2008

Well the weekend has gone. It was a good one. Went to Numazu to see some ALTs that are leaving JET and who have helped me a lot with JET projects.
Saturday had a Takoyaki/ yakiniku party at my place. My wife bought a new hotplate and wanted to break it in. It went well. In the evening I watched the All Blacks V South Africa. We won but it was a very tight game and could have gone either way at the start but the ABs started to look much stronger in the second half and did let the Boks come back at them.
Sunday played cricket. Got 67 or something runs. Should've got a hundred but was given out LBW for the 3rd time this year. god cant anyone get it right. like the other 2 i could see where i was standing and where the ball came from and was going to and there is no way that i should've been given out. but once the umpire gives you out you are out. It was really easy too and thougth i could've got a really big score that day. Bowled like shit but i was tired from batting in 29degrees for 2 hours. Plus i hadn't bowled in over a month so i guess i can't complain. go one wicket though.
now today i am sore all over and this is one of the main reasons why i can't really be bothered to play anymore.

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