February 08, 2013

Minami Minegishi Apologizes for Boyfriend 峯岸みなみからのメッセージ - News from Japan

This is over a week old now but still interesting.  The news about this young girl (20) from the popular girls group, AKB48 and what she has done has been all over the news in Japan and she even made an apology video on YouTube which got millions of views from all around the world. Well now people are discussing whether this is crazy gender equality or just drama to sell more records. I am not one for drama but it is interesting to read different peoples' reactions from both here in Japan and overseas.

From The Japan Times
AKB48 member’s ‘penance’ shows flaws in idol culture.

AKB48 member’s ‘penance’ shows flaws in idol culture | The Japan Times

The image of a young girl in front of a camera, her head recently shaved, sobbing into the lens is one that’s guaranteed to shock. But when that girl is a key member of idol group AKB48, the reaction is bound to be stronger. . . . . 

****update. Minami Minegishi’s apology video on YouTube has been made private  reportedly due to requests from her fans.

Also here is a well known YouTuber living in Japan with his views on it and Japan culture.