April 09, 2007

Not so interesting weekend.

Well start the weekend off with a night out at karaoke with some friends.
Saturday just relaxed around the house watching TV and doing Internet stuff. In the evening I went out with Ayako and her family and her mother's brother's family for a family dinner. More like a house warming for a her cousin who has just moved into his own apartment but it wasn't at his apartment, so i don't know if you can really can call it a house warming?! After that went back home to watch the rugby. Crusaders vs The force (perth,aust) and what and arse kicking that was. 53-0. The crusaders are looking good at the moment and are slowing picking there game up. Good to see.
Sunday, had a game of cricket in shizuoka against the Paddy Foleys from Tokyo. Always good fun but this time it didnt seem like fun. It feels our team is just in the game to win and it is making things hard for everyone. Lots of people arguing and shit like that.
Sunday night I was all alone as Ayako went to Tokyo with her parents to see her sister's new apartment.

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