May 22, 2007

Classic All Blacks vs Japan

Well last weekend Ayako and I went to Tokyo to watch the big game with Sasha and Sachiko. It was great to see see some of my rugby heroes play in Japan as it doesn't happen very often. Once in 10 or so years. the score was 36-6 (if i remember right) to the classic All Blacks. Japan did very well but we must remind ourselves that this was the 'Classic' All Blacks and not the All Blacks and the last time Japan played the All blacks in a rugby game the score was 145-19 (a world record at the time). So you can see there is a difference between the two sides.
Anyway, after the game Ayako, Sasha, Sachiko and I went out drinking in Roppongi and watch the Super 14 semi final between the Crusaders and the Bulls. We lost which was very sad but the cool thing was that we watched it with the classic All Blacks. So we were able to have a chat and a beer with some of the greats of world rugby like Merts, Spencer, JK and John Hart. Ayako was able to get a few photos with some of them and we all had a great time apart from the Crusaders losing.

Photos are HERE

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