May 24, 2007

Got the Job

Well i found out a couple of weeks ago that I will be the new SPA of Shizuoka Prefecture.
SPA stands for Special Prefecture Advisor
So I will start from the end of July and work for one or two years depending on how well i do and if i like the job.
My job is basiclly, helping JET ALTs (ALTs- Assitant Langauge Teachers) come to Japan, sort out there job placements, life in japan and at their school, organise seminars, orientations and any other problems that they might have.
I am really excited to do this job and cant wait to start it.

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Nay said...

Hi Ashley,

I just found your blog while searching on the internet.

After reading your lastest blog entry, I thought you might just possibly be able to help me.

I am going to be in Japan for 3 months from November, and I would really love to volunteer somewhere (as this time I dont have a work visa/ working holiday visa). Would you know of anywhere in Kakegawa (or near Kakegawa), where volunteering is possible?

I would really appreciate any advice you have!